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Month: September 2015

6 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

We all have a lot to get done. And if you are anything like me, you are really good at ignoring the things you don’t want to do. (Like the dishes. I hate doing the dishes.) When we put things off until later, it compounds our to-do lists and almost always causes problems. Procrastination creates unnecessary stress in life by complicating what should be simple (doing the dishes) and it clutters our minds with all the things we haven’t done yet (the dishes). Delaying the unavoidable (the dishes) steals focus from the essential things we want to do. By eliminating procrastination from your life as much as possible you gain a greater sense of peace and lose that inner nagging voice reminding you of all you haven’t done yet.  Here are my six favorite methods for scrubbing your life clean of procrastination. 1) Think of your “future self”. I recently picked up the concept of your “future self” from this video by The Clutter Diet. The idea is that you think of yourself as two people; your “present self” and your “future self”. When you notice that something needs done, view it as an opportunity for your “present self” to give your “future self” a gift by completing the task now. For example, when I notice the laundry needs folding I do it now so that later, when my “future self” walks into the room, she’s blessed with an empty laundry basket. I have put this approach into practice for…

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Organizing Paper Clutter: Part One

You may not have this life-issue, but most of the time most of my clutter consists of paper and paper related things. Between junk mail, magazines and books I haven’t read yet, receipts from every-store-I-have-ever-been-to-in-the-last-decade, flyers and notices for things I might care about, and a general plethora of paper in my apartment I just cannot keep track of it all. I am done dealing with paper. So much so, that if I had a fireplace, I’d be tempted to torch it. Instead, I’ll be calm and organize the crap out of it. Care to join me? Our approach to tackling paper clutter has three parts; today I will share part one. (Subscribe to Our Simple Nest to receive parts two and three in your inbox!) The best way to win a fight is to avoid it altogether, and the first step to winning the war against paper clutter is by avoidance. Stopping clutter before it even enters in your front door means one less piece of paper you have to deal with; a winning strategy my friends. Here are six ways to avoid paper clutter in the first place. 1) Opt-out of pre-approved credit offers and marketing notices. This simple trick will permanently reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. By opting-out your name and private information will no longer be shared by the credit bureaus with marketing companies (they are already sharing it, you have to tell them to stop) meaning you won’t receive anymore “firm offers” of credit…

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9 Ways to Drink More Water

Staying hydrated has numerous benefits for our everyday lives; it can make losing or maintaining a healthy weight easier, enhance the feel and appearance of our skin, help us fight off fatigue, and improve our ability to think clearly. There are great perks to being a water-junkie but getting enough can still be a challenge. Here are 9 ways to make sure you get all the H₂O you need. This post contains affiliate links. 1) Know how much water you need. It is much easier to reach a goal of “more water” if you know how much more you need to drink. There are different calculations out there but my favorite is to multiply your weight (in pounds) by 2/3 or 67%. This will tell you how much water (in ounces) you should aim to drink each day. For example, a 165 pound person (165 x .67) should drink about 110 ounces each day. Remember to also adjust for activity level. For every 30 minutes you spend active you should drink another 12 ounces. 2) Track your goal. Want to know if you’re getting enough? There are many ways to track how much you’re actually drinking. There are several Etsy shops that sell stamps and stickers for your planner, and my newest discovery has been the free Daily Water app I downloaded to my phone. You can set a custom goal for yourself (which is perfect when you know how many ounces to drink) and mark off each glass/bottle throughout the…

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