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9 Ways to Drink More Water

9 Ways to Drink More Water on Our Simple NestStaying hydrated has numerous benefits for our everyday lives; it can make losing or maintaining a healthy weight easier, enhance the feel and appearance of our skin, help us fight off fatigue, and improve our ability to think clearly. There are great perks to being a water-junkie but getting enough can still be a challenge. Here are 9 ways to make sure you get all the H₂O you need.

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1) Know how much water you need.
It is much easier to reach a goal of “more water” if you know how much more you need to drink. There are different calculations out there but my favorite is to multiply your weight (in pounds) by 2/3 or 67%. This will tell you how much water (in ounces) you should aim to drink each day. For example, a 165 pound person (165 x .67) should drink about 110 ounces each day. Remember to also adjust for activity level. For every 30 minutes you spend active you should drink another 12 ounces.

2) Track your goal.
Want to know if you’re getting enough? There are many ways to track how much you’re actually drinking. There are several Etsy shops that sell stamps and stickers for your planner, and my newest discovery has been the free Daily Water app I downloaded to my phone. You can set a custom goal for yourself (which is perfect when you know how many ounces to drink) and mark off each glass/bottle throughout the day.

3) Get a head start first thing in the morning.
Leave a bottle of water by your bed each night before going to sleep. When you wake up in the morning aim to drink it before breakfast. Rumor has it that we become dehydrated while we’re sleeping, so upping your intake of fluids first thing can help to ward off the negative effects of that natural dehydration. Plus, you’ll be 16 ounces ahead before you even hit the snooze button.

4)Use a bottle you like.
I am ridiculously high maintenance when it comes to what and how I drink. I prefer straws, and a bottle or cup that doesn’t “sweat” is a major bonus. I absolutely love the Aladdin Insulated Cold To-Go Tumbler. It holds 20 ounces and is a great size at home or on the go; we own several and have loved them for years! It is important you find a bottle or cup you like. If your only options are a cup that spills easily or a bottle that is difficult to open you are much less likely to drink all the water you need.

5) Keep your water handy.
Throw a Camelbak in your purse. Keep a glass on your desk and another on the dining room table. Stock your fridge with water bottles or a filtered Brita pitcher. Having water easily available and in sight appeals to the “lazy” in all of us and increases the odds we will drink more. Make it easy on yourself to reach your hydration goal and keep your water handy.

6) Make it taste good.
Hi. Welcome to Orlando. The tap water here tastes like butt. Seriously, it’s yucky; right up there with the nastiness that is water in LA. I have become a total bottled/filtered water snob since we moved here and I am not ashamed to admit it. If my water doesn’t taste good I am not drinking it. If you feel my pain, don’t be shy about grabbing for the good stuff. I also am a fan of those little flavored water packets sold at Target. If all else fails, toss in a fresh lemon slice and call it a day. Just don’t let weird water pickiness keep you from getting the water you need.

7) Anytime you are hungry drink water first.
This is a diet trick disguised as a way to drink more water. And it works, in both cases. I’ll catch myself on occasion feeling hungry when I shouldn’t be. If I take the time to drink some water before snacking my hunger will typically go away. If it doesn’t, have a snack, but at least you’ll be 8 ounces closer to your daily water goal.

8) Sneak it in.
Pssst…food contains water. And some foods contain a lot of water. Trick yourself into getting more of what you need by downing smoothies, broth based soups, and high water content fruits and vegetables such as melons, tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, lettuce, berries, pineapple, and broccoli. As an added bonus, you’ll be upping your fruit and veggie count too.

9) Just drink.
While it is good to avoid the added sugar, salt, and caffeine of sodas and syrupy coffee beverages, at the end of the day, it is important to stay hydrated. Water should be your beverage of choice, but tea, juice, and other drinks have their merits as well. When trying to drink more water don’t be too fussy about how you get there. I love the 90 percent rule when it comes to staying hydrated; that is, 90 percent of the time I try to do what is most healthy (drinking water) and I don’t fret about the other 10 percent. So, bottoms up!

How do you stay hydrated?

– Erin

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