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Month: October 2015

4 Glamourous Ways to Simplify

The very nature of simplifying has a certain bit of glamour and style to it. Knowing that what you have is exactly what you want and nothing more is decisive and chic; it says to the world “I know who I am and I love it”. Right along with that are a few specific things you can do to simultaneously simplify and bring some elegance to your daily life, and who doesn’t want that? 1) Wear lip color in your shade. Lipstick has a magical way of pulling your entire look together, and a lip color that is reliably all your own does that and more. Think Taylor Swift and the red pout she’s rocked on the red carpet for years. The color just makes sense on her because it is her; she doesn’t quite look herself without it. Lipstick can do the same for you, and help you simplify at the same time. My suggestion is to find a bold color you love and wear it every day. Choose a bold color for two reasons; 1) Why not? 2) A bold color can be layered to alter your look from season to season; for example, Taylor could rock the red in the winter time, layer it over a sheer gloss in the spring to lighten things up, mix it with a shimmery bronze in the summer, and blend it with a rich plum in the fall for a moody autumn look. One lipstick worn year round = less makeup you…

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Organizing Paper Clutter; Part Two

In part one of this post series we covered how to avoid paper clutter before it ever enters your home. Part two of three is all about how to quickly reduce the amount of clutter in your home, leaving only the most important things remaining. It is vital you get rid of the non-essentials (paper or otherwise). If you do not take the time to toss, the task of organizing becomes overwhelming and you waste valuable time and energy trying to manage stuff you don’t even want, much less need. The key to cutting down successfully is consistency; you must do it daily. Here are four ways to reduce your paper clutter every day. 1) Keep waste and recycle bins where you need them. We have five trash bins in our humble one bedroom apartment; the kitchen, under the bathroom sink, in the water closet, by my side of the bed, and under the desk. I also have a bin in the car. Keeping trash and recycle bins at hand greatly increases the odds that I will actually use them. Having to walk clear across the room interrupts my work flow and I tend to let the trash accumulate instead of getting rid of it. It may seem lazy but rather than fight my inner couch potato, I make tasks as simple and as easy as possible to carry out. Take a minute to consider where you could use another garbage can. Do you always pay bills at the dining…

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19 Ways to Add More Fruits and Veggies to Your Daily Diet

I love pasta. Like seriously love pasta. I have an eat-it-seven-days-a-week type of love for pasta, and I especially love that on a busy weeknight I can have dinner on the table in less than 20 minutes. I also know I need to eat vegetables; a pasta-only diet just won’t cut it nutritionally. Until recently, I had never clued into the fact that marinara sauce is like 95% vegetables (well, fruit, but let’s not get technical.) Maybe the rest of the world already knew that and they can roll their eyes at me, but this realization has been universe altering in our home. If I keep a light hand with the parmesan, and maybe choose whole wheat pasta, I can claim full servings of vegetables (1/2 cup sauce = 1 serving) along with my penne and declare dinner a nutritional success! The American Heart Association recommends for the average woman 3 – 4 servings of vegetables and 4 servings of fruit per day, so we have a healthy hill to climb. Eating more marinara is just one way of upping your daily servings of fruits and vegetables; here are 19 more of my favorite ideas for doing just that. On your way out the door in the morning, toss a banana in your bag along with a granola bar for breakfast. Whole banana = 1 serving Use real avocado and fresh salsa in your homemade guacamole. ½ cup = 1 serving Pile your turkey and cheddar high with romaine and…

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