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4 Glamourous Ways to Simplify

4 Glamourous Ways to Simplify by Our Simple Nest

The very nature of simplifying has a certain bit of glamour and style to it. Knowing that what you have is exactly what you want and nothing more is decisive and chic; it says to the world “I know who I am and I love it”. Right along with that are a few specific things you can do to simultaneously simplify and bring some elegance to your daily life, and who doesn’t want that?

1) Wear lip color in your shade.
Lipstick has a magical way of pulling your entire look together, and a lip color that is reliably all your own does that and more. Think Taylor Swift and the red pout she’s rocked on the red carpet for years. The color just makes sense on her because it is her; she doesn’t quite look herself without it. Lipstick can do the same for you, and help you simplify at the same time. My suggestion is to find a bold color you love and wear it every day. Choose a bold color for two reasons; 1) Why not? 2) A bold color can be layered to alter your look from season to season; for example, Taylor could rock the red in the winter time, layer it over a sheer gloss in the spring to lighten things up, mix it with a shimmery bronze in the summer, and blend it with a rich plum in the fall for a moody autumn look. One lipstick worn year round = less makeup you need to buy and less organizing you need to do. Just pick your favorite shade, buy two tubes (one for your makeup drawer, and one for your purse), and enjoy the glamour of simplifying.

2) Wear a signature fragrance.
Much like your lip color, a signature fragrance is a ladylike way to own your identity and be remembered for who you are. Our sense of smell is very closely tied to our memories (Psychology Today).  Sometimes I’ll catch a whiff of White Shoulders and all I can think of is my mother. A fragrance worn daily becomes a part of your personal and projected identity. It also reduces the clutter on your bathroom counter. I only own one perfume and I wear it almost every day. My husband blesses me with a bottle at Valentine’s Day every year (making his gift buying effortless) and it has become my signature scent. Spend some time selecting a perfume you love (I prefer Sephora’s Fragrance Finder) and then toss or give away everything else.

3) Choose wardrobe essentials in neutral colors.
One of my all-time favorite movies is Steel Magnolias. In it Julia Roberts’ character proclaims in her affected Southern accent “pink is my signature color”. While I can respect her approach in choosing a trademark shade, wisdom for the masses suggests neutrals are the way to go for most of us today. When building your wardrobe, capsule or otherwise, choose neutral colors when purchasing anything you plan to keep for a long time (a wool coat, leather boots) or wear often (flats for work, a new handbag).  A brown shoulder bag is much more versatile than a neon-pink tote. Though I will be the first to declare (and don) bright and bold colors as fashion staples, their wear-ability is limited and, more often than not, they become clutter. The most glamourous (and most clutter-free) closets are built primarily of neutrals.

4) Wear a wrist watch.
The time-keeping essential has so many classy perks it’s a wonder anyone goes without one! Wearing a watch helps us stay on time (obvs), but it also serves as an accessory eliminating the need for bangles and bracelets in your jewelry box. (Goodbye clutter!) It also feels so “grown-up” to actually have the time handy for a passerby instead of aimlessly digging for your phone in the bottomless pit you call a purse. Again thinking in neutrals, pick up an affordable timepiece you love and wear it with daily abandon because the time will be one less thing you have to remember.

– Erin