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Month: November 2015

3 Tips to Simplify Dinner (And 5 Awesome Slow Cooker Recipes!)

After a long busy day at work or at play, I cannot fully express the joy and peace I experience when I come home to dinner fully prepared. Add to it that it’s all (mostly, does bagged salad count?) homemade and healthy (again, mostly) and I couldn’t be happier. Thank heavens for the man that thought up the slow cooker! (I linked to the history of the slow cooker because I, too, just had to know, was it a fella that thought up the genius appliance or a frazzled woman tired of plowing through the drive-thru line in her Model A?) Of course, a slow cooker alone does not dinner make. Put to work these 3 tips and six o’ clock won’t seem so daunting. (And check out five of my favorite slow cooker recipes below!) Have a plan. Menu planning is such a huge help toward simplifying dinner. Having a plan for the day’s meals alleviates stress and helps everyone know what to expect. Check out this post (and free printable!) on menu planning! Be prepared. Once you have your menu planned for the week, be sure you have the ingredients you need to make it happen. It may seem obvious, but being ready with what you need to prepare the meal you have planned is key to actually making the meal. I cannot tell you how many times my good intentions and glorious plans have gone down in flames because I forgot a key ingredient. Take a cue from Mr.…

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