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Month: December 2015

I’m Not Entirely Sure What We’re Thinking… Day Zero of Our #LWSZ Challenge

It’s almost 11pm and instead of being in bed next to my husband, I’m here, spewing all my nervous energy onto the screen. I’m not sure what we’re thinking exactly, but I’m anxious/nervous/excited/freaking-out-just-a-wee-bit over the fact that we have deliriously chosen to take part in the #LWSZ challenge this month. (For all of you who haven’t a clue, that’s Living Well Spending Zero by the fab blogger Ruth Soukup!)¬†December. It’s December! And beginning tomorrow we’ve committed (Ha, committed! How appropriate!) ourselves to not spending a dime for the next thirty days. Thirty days! It’s December 2nd PEOPLE! Christmas is happening. Not to mention both mine and his mom’s birthdays happen this month. And let’s not forget the cozy ‘lil Christmas party we’ve been invited to (more on that on Day 11) and the cookie-swap party my sweet hubs has this Friday at work. But, we’re hopping on the crazy train anyway. We decided to participate late last night while reading Ruth’s awesome Living Well Spending Less. In it, she challenged her readers to try to go a month without spending anything (true needs¬†being the exception.) We took today to ready our minds and home, and we have plans to relentlessly begin pinching pennies on Day One tomorrow. I made a quick run after work to Target (one of the main cash-gobblers in our home) to buy a few necessities and wrap up gift shopping for family. We already purchased Christmas for ourselves (heads held in shame, curse you Black Friday).…

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