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This is a photo of my husband and me. Kinda crazy how much I love him.
Photo by Mandy Rose Photography

Hi! I’m Erin, a 20-something west coast girl currently nesting in Florida with my incredible husband and two furry felines. (We’re cat people, but we like dogs too!) I have an eclectic background in professional organization and design, small business development, and marketing. I’m also licensed in Cosmetology and trained as an Aesthetician. Both of us grew up in Northern California and late last year the hubs and I decided to uproot it all and make the 2,900 mile trek to our new home here in Orlando.

We learned so much about ourselves during the tumultuous weeks and days of moving, and even more about ourselves since settling in. Career changes, financial challenges, and a “cozy” (read: way too darned small for a married couple) apartment have stretched us and given us more opportunities for growth than we ever anticipated. At the heart of it all has been a lesson in slowing down and simplifying life in order to live more of it. Enter stage right: Our Simple Nest.

In life (and here in my writing) we’re taking cues from minimalism/essentialism, staying grounded in solid biblical principles, and realizing that life is way too short to care about trivial stuff. We want to live simply and intentionally and this blog explores what that looks like for our home. My hope is that you’ll be inspired to simplify your home and life a little bit too and, as a result, have more time, money, and energy to devote to the things that matter most to you. Life is short, let’s make it sweet.

–  Erin

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