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How to Find a Great Hairstylist

Finding a great hairstylist is difficult but worth the effort. A quality stylist can simplify your life and save you time and money. By suggesting low maintenance looks, working within your budget, teaching you how to style your hair, and recommending a few key products (instead of a cabinet full) to help you recreate the look at home, a hairstylist you love is worth her weight in that-expensive-conditioning-treatment-you-bought-but-never-use. Every time you sit in the chair of someone new it feels risky and you worry about walking out with something you didn’t ask for. Do you talk? Sit there silently? Bring pictures? Research industry terms so Miss Scissors knows what you want? It is a terrifying process! But hang in there girl because, thankfully, there are some reliable dos-and-don’ts for finding a great stylist. Do ask around. There’s a pretty good chance your friends, family, and coworkers know someone fabulous. A word of mouth referral is the gold standard in advertising because you can trust people you know. If the girl at the checkout has great hair, ask her who does it. Hit up your pals on Facebook and Twitter. People enjoy talking about the things they love; you are bound to get some good recommendations. Don’t believe everything you read online. The sad reality is people lie. Having been a few times on the receiving end of an angry customer rant I know that not everything an angry person says is true. Try to approach online reviews with skepticism toward both…

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