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Remembering Grace This Fall

Autumn is my favorite time of year. Hands down. I absolutely love the back to school bustle, the change in the air and the leaves (although I’ve heard that doesn’t happen in Florida), and the unconscious countdown to the fast approaching holidays. Autumn is a fresh start for me. Growing up I loved the start of the new school year. My husband recently quipped about the irony of that considering my homeschooled background. I promptly assured him that each fall I too was the eager recipient of new pencils and shoes and, being the oldest, brand new textbooks with that crisp “new book” smell. And my most favorite autumn purchase of all was my brand new planner. I loved (and still do) the blank pages and the unspoken hope and adventure the school year, carefully choreographed in my new planner, could bring. This would be the year I’d change it all! This would be the year I’d finish my schoolwork early. And in my teens, this would be the year I’d get healthy and earn my PE credits and eat right and lose weight and makeover and then flaunt the fabulousness of my reinvented self. And then I’d do silly things; things like the three different occasions in junior high that I spiral permed my naturally curly hair. Don’t ask me why. I was stupid. And frizzy. So frizzy. (I’ll share a picture sometime. For now those memories are buried somewhere in my old bedroom in California, safe from scrutiny…

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8 Tips for a Fresh Start this Fall

With boot-wearing weather just around the corner, this seasonal transition is the ideal time to take some practical steps toward simplicity and a fresh start. Even Starbucks is getting in on the action of a fall makeover, revamping their recipe and offering pumpkin-loaded Pumpkin Spice frappuccinos! Yumm!!  Why wait for January 1 to create your own fresh start? Amid all the autumn activity around you is the perfect opportunity to simplify. It’s my favorite time of year for refocusing on what really matters before the holidays are underway and the unstoppable force of the New Year is upon us. Here are my 8 tips for beginning with a clean slate this fall: 1) Invest in a new planner. Lately Erin Condren has been my obsession, but really any planner will do. (Get $10 off you’re EC planner by clicking here and creating a free account!)  I’ve tried using iCalendar on my phone but there is something magical about pen and paper that I miss when I go digital. And I will never get over those grace-filled blank pages. 2) Take a cue from grade school by using a pencil. I’ve become obsessed (almost an understatement) with glam-planning lately. (What is glam planning? Here’s a 7 minute commitment to finding out!) However, until I confirm an appointment and glam plan my week, I write all my future plans in pencil. Stuff changes and erasers are magical. 3) Clean up your social media. Un-follow (notice I didn’t say “un-friend”) people you don’t…

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