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Organizing Paper Clutter; Part Two

In part one of this post series we covered how to avoid paper clutter before it ever enters your home. Part two of three is all about how to quickly reduce the amount of clutter in your home, leaving only the most important things remaining. It is vital you get rid of the non-essentials (paper or otherwise). If you do not take the time to toss, the task of organizing becomes overwhelming and you waste valuable time and energy trying to manage stuff you don’t even want, much less need. The key to cutting down successfully is consistency; you must do it daily. Here are four ways to reduce your paper clutter every day. 1) Keep waste and recycle bins where you need them. We have five trash bins in our humble one bedroom apartment; the kitchen, under the bathroom sink, in the water closet, by my side of the bed, and under the desk. I also have a bin in the car. Keeping trash and recycle bins at hand greatly increases the odds that I will actually use them. Having to walk clear across the room interrupts my work flow and I tend to let the trash accumulate instead of getting rid of it. It may seem lazy but rather than fight my inner couch potato, I make tasks as simple and as easy as possible to carry out. Take a minute to consider where you could use another garbage can. Do you always pay bills at the dining…

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Organizing Paper Clutter: Part One

You may not have this life-issue, but most of the time most of my clutter consists of paper and paper related things. Between junk mail, magazines and books I haven’t read yet, receipts from every-store-I-have-ever-been-to-in-the-last-decade, flyers and notices for things I might care about, and a general plethora of paper in my apartment I just cannot keep track of it all. I am done dealing with paper. So much so, that if I had a fireplace, I’d be tempted to torch it. Instead, I’ll be calm and organize the crap out of it. Care to join me? Our approach to tackling paper clutter has three parts; today I will share part one. (Subscribe to Our Simple Nest to receive parts two and three in your inbox!) The best way to win a fight is to avoid it altogether, and the first step to winning the war against paper clutter is by avoidance. Stopping clutter before it even enters in your front door means one less piece of paper you have to deal with; a winning strategy my friends. Here are six ways to avoid paper clutter in the first place. 1) Opt-out of pre-approved credit offers and marketing notices. This simple trick will permanently reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. By opting-out your name and private information will no longer be shared by the credit bureaus with marketing companies (they are already sharing it, you have to tell them to stop) meaning you won’t receive anymore “firm offers” of credit…

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