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9 Ways to Drink More Water

Staying hydrated has numerous benefits for our everyday lives; it can make losing or maintaining a healthy weight easier, enhance the feel and appearance of our skin, help us fight off fatigue, and improve our ability to think clearly. There are great perks to being a water-junkie but getting enough can still be a challenge. Here are 9 ways to make sure you get all the H₂O you need. This post contains affiliate links. 1) Know how much water you need. It is much easier to reach a goal of “more water” if you know how much more you need to drink. There are different calculations out there but my favorite is to multiply your weight (in pounds) by 2/3 or 67%. This will tell you how much water (in ounces) you should aim to drink each day. For example, a 165 pound person (165 x .67) should drink about 110 ounces each day. Remember to also adjust for activity level. For every 30 minutes you spend active you should drink another 12 ounces. 2) Track your goal. Want to know if you’re getting enough? There are many ways to track how much you’re actually drinking. There are several Etsy shops that sell stamps and stickers for your planner, and my newest discovery has been the free Daily Water app I downloaded to my phone. You can set a custom goal for yourself (which is perfect when you know how many ounces to drink) and mark off each glass/bottle throughout the…

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8 Tips for a Fresh Start this Fall

With boot-wearing weather just around the corner, this seasonal transition is the ideal time to take some practical steps toward simplicity and a fresh start. Even Starbucks is getting in on the action of a fall makeover, revamping their recipe and offering pumpkin-loaded Pumpkin Spice frappuccinos! Yumm!!  Why wait for January 1 to create your own fresh start? Amid all the autumn activity around you is the perfect opportunity to simplify. It’s my favorite time of year for refocusing on what really matters before the holidays are underway and the unstoppable force of the New Year is upon us. Here are my 8 tips for beginning with a clean slate this fall: 1) Invest in a new planner. Lately Erin Condren has been my obsession, but really any planner will do. (Get $10 off you’re EC planner by clicking here and creating a free account!)  I’ve tried using iCalendar on my phone but there is something magical about pen and paper that I miss when I go digital. And I will never get over those grace-filled blank pages. 2) Take a cue from grade school by using a pencil. I’ve become obsessed (almost an understatement) with glam-planning lately. (What is glam planning? Here’s a 7 minute commitment to finding out!) However, until I confirm an appointment and glam plan my week, I write all my future plans in pencil. Stuff changes and erasers are magical. 3) Clean up your social media. Un-follow (notice I didn’t say “un-friend”) people you don’t…

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